This Week in Falcon - 05 Aug 2017


Falcon is a Binary Analysis Framework in Rust.

Falcon Symbolically Executes

Falcon now symbolically executes its simple-0 example. I added in copy-on-write SymbolicMemory, and with this addition the example executes in less than a second. Since it’s such a quick example, I went ahead and made it a test.

With an end-to-end symbolic execution test, z3 is now a dependency for for tests… and therefor continuous integration. Travis CI now tests from the docker. The Dockerfile used to build z3 from scratch, but this was taking 30 minutes in Travis CI, most of the time spent building Z3. A statically-linked z3 for Ubuntu Xenial x64 is being made available at, and will be pulled down in the docker build. This drops Travis CI times from 30 minutes to 6.

I will now be moving through GitHub issues towards the 0.1.0 milestone.

Unfortunately I didn’t do a good job tracking chances this week. Some notes are:

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